Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 2, June 2024, Pages 1-209 
Effect of Play Activities Versus Passive Distraction Technique on Preoperative Anxiety and Fear Levels among Children Undergoing Surgeries

Pages 15-26

Magda Aly Hassan Essawy; Wafaa Mohamed Elarousy ELsaid; Mostafa Rashad Kotb; Hadeer Abdel-hameed Ramadan Gaffar; Rasha Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Hadida,

Effect of Kangaroo Care Applied by Mothers of Premature Neonates on The Amount of Maternal Milk Expression

Pages 27-40

Magda Aly Hassan Essawy; Hesham Abd El –Rahim Ghazal; Arzak Abbas Mohammed; Noha Mohamed Arafa Mohamed

Incident Reporting Culture Among Nurses At Edku Central Hospital

Pages 41-50

Maha Fakih Ebrahim Belal; Neamat Mohamed El Sayed; Heba Mohamed Al-Anwar Ashour

Outcomes of Utilizing Novel Versus Traditional Method of Length of Gastric Tube Insertion in Critically Ill Patients

Pages 51-62

Samah Anwar Mohamed; Ahmed Abd El Hafeez Abd El Monseif; Nadia Taha Mohamed; Hany Samir Assaad

Relationship Between Academic Procrastination Behavior and Self-Regulation Among Nursing Students

Pages 63-77

Sarah Elsayed Abdullah; Yasmeen Mohamed Shehata; Fatma Hussein Ramadan; Shadia Ramadan Morsy

Effect of Post Tracheostomy Tube Care Bundle on Critically Ill Patient’s Outcomes

Pages 64-75

Elshaimaa mohamed Suliman; Nadia Taha Mohamed; Bassem Nashaat Beshay; Heba Mohamed Mustafa Ismail

Relationship between Utilization of Body Mechanics and exposure to Low Back Pain among Nurses working in Orthopedic Department

Pages 76-89

Eman Eltoukhy Mohamed Elassal; Amany Youssef Sharaf; Sawsan Moustafa Youssef; Soheir Mohamed Weheida

Relationship between Self- Efficacy, Hope and Care Burden among Family Caregivers of Patients with Psychotic Disorders

Pages 104-116

Esraa Mohamed-El-Saeed Ebrahem; Elham Mohamed Abdel Kader Fayad; Amal Mohamed Gamal El-Din Shehata,; Mohamed Hussein Ramadan Atta

Effect of Jasmine Oil Back Massage on Pain Intensity among Primigravidae during the First Stage of Labor

Pages 138-148

Mona Gamal Mohamed Shedeed; Soheir Ibrahim Sobhy; Salama Mohamed El-Darier; Fatma Mohamed Nasr El-Din Shuaib; Yasser Saad El-Kassa

Effect of Implementing The Protective Nursing Care Bundle of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia on Its Incidence among Critically Ill Children

Pages 173-185

Mona El-sayed Mohammed Shaheen; Yousr Abd El-salam Gaafar; Manal Abdel Malik Antonios; Eman Arafa Badr

Exploring Digital Literacy Among Community- Dwelling Older Adults

Pages 186-197

Sarah Ali Hafez; Shimaa Mohamed El-Sayed El-sheikh; Nagwa Abd El Fattah Ibrahim; Josphen youssef Gaid