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The Alexandria Scientific Nursing Journal (ASNJ) is the first Egyptian specialized scientific nursing journal in the Middle East. It is hosted by the Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University, Egypt since 2002. It is indexed in the index Medicus for World Health Organization (WHO) Eastern Mediterranean Region and listed in the database of the Libraries of the Egyptian Universities.

The journal provides a forum for research findings and evidence to improve patient care, and nursing practice and education in the region. It aims to create collaboration and international relations between members of the nursing, medical, and other health-related professions in the different specialties.

The ASNJ is a biannual journal. It publishes original peer-reviewed scientific research relevant to all nursing specialties with the aim of evaluating the current healthcare situation in the region. It also offers appropriate solutions to the problems facing the population.

Its scope covers a wide range of areas including family health, adult health, women and child health, gerontological and geriatric care, critical and emergency care, nutrition, mental health, humanities, health education, and management of health care systems. 

Current Issue: Volume 26, Issue 1, March 2024, Pages 1-195 

Determinants of women's Empowerment in El-Beheira Governorate

Pages 1-14

Samar Mahmoud El-saka; Abeer Abd Elaziz Madian; Wesam Kamal Farag; Shaimaa Mohamed Amin

Quality of Life of Mothers Having Children with Cerebral Palsy

Pages 15-27

Shimaa Ramadan Mohamed Ebeed; Tarek El-Sayed Isamail Omar; Magda El-Sayed Youssef; Nagwa Ibrahim Mohamed Hamad

Effect of an Educational Program on nurses’ performance level about Pain Assessment and Management

Pages 28-38

Hussein Alomari; Alice Mary Edward Reizian; Mervat Abdel Fattah Mohamed; Raya Yousef Al-Husban; Mohammed Adel Abd El-Aty

Resilience in Workplace as Perceived by Nurses at Alexandria Main University Hospital

Pages 52-63

Salma Ahmed Abd Al-Latif Mohamed; Nora Ahmed Ahmed Bassiouni; Heba Mohamed Al Anwer Ashour

Relationship between Nursing Students’ Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills during the Conduction of Health Education

Pages 64-74

Nada Mohamed Soliman Mohamed; Azza Fathi Ibrahim; Eman Ahmed Abo-Elyazied; Ayah Shaban Abd El- Fattah

Assessment of Nurses' Practices Regarding Care of Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

Pages 87-101

Fatma Gomaa Abdelmawla Morad; Yousria Mohamed Salem; Maha Adel Salem; Emad Abd El Gawad Ali Rabie

Effect of the Implementation of Nursing Interventions Program on the Visual Activities among Geriatric Patients with Dry Eye Disease

Pages 102-116

Heba Ahmed Mohsen; Nagwa Abd El Fattah Ibrahim; Wafaa Ismail Sayed Ahmed Abo breika; Thoraya Mohamed Abdelaziz

Linking Succession Planning to Nurses’ Performance Management: The Mediating Role of Career Development

Pages 117-130

Amal Diab Ghanem Atalla; Nariman Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa Elbassal; Naglaa Abdelaziz Mahmoud Elseesy

Health Care Providers' Practices of The WHO Protocol for Infection Prevention and Control of Covid-19 in Different Outpatient Settings

Pages 131-142

Maysa Kandeal Mahmoud Mouhamed; Soheir Mohamed Weheida; Amany Youssef Sharaf; Naglaa Fathalla Elsayed

Effect of Peppermint Inhalation on Chemotherapy Induced-Nausea and Vomiting in Children with Leukemia

Pages 157-169

Eman Arafa Badr; Hawaa Mohamed Hassan; Youssr Abd-Elsalam Gaafer; Maha Youssef Kamal

Effect of an Educational Program on Nurses' Knowledge and Care Practices for Patients undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis

Pages 170-182

Sameer Allawi Khalaf; Soheir Mostafa Eweda; Naglaa Fathalla Elsayed; Marwa Khalil Hafez; Ibrahim Alwan Kadhim