Volume & Issue: Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2022, Pages 1-137 
Self-Directed Learning Readiness Level and Personality Traits Among Nursing Students

Pages 40-50

Amany Said Abd El Aziz; Eman El sayed Taha; Fatma Hussein Ramadan; Ola Elsebai Badr

Effect of Olfactory Training on Restoring Smell and Taste Senses Post Covid-19 Infection

Pages 51-63

Tarek Mahmoud Shaker; Wafaa Ramadan Ahmed; Asmaa Massoud Hassan; Asmaa Sayed Abd-Almageed

Relationship between Body Position and Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressures among Critically Ill Patients

Pages 64-74

Farida Khalil Ibrahim; Asmaa Ebied El- ganauny; Nagwa Ahmad Reda; Sahar Younes Othman

Relationship Between Exclusive Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy and Mothers’ Practices

Pages 99-113

Shaimaa Hassan Ahmed; Eman EL-Sayed Taha; Awatif Hassan Elsharkawy

Effect of Yakson’s Therapeutic Touch on Vital Signs, Growth Measurements and Behavioral State of Preterm Neonates

Pages 125-137

Marwa Mohamed Farag; Sabrin El-sayed Zakaria; Azza Mostafa Darwish; Marwa Gadelrab Abouheiba