Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 2, December 2018, Pages 1-146 
Relationship between Chronic Low Back Pain and Risk of Fall and Depression among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Pages 1-14

Nawara Kirallah El Ghany; Somaya Abd El Moneim El Shazly; Hanaa Abou El-soued Ahmed; Magda Mohamed Algameel

Relationship between Mindfulness and Premenstrual Syndrome among Faculty Nursing Students

Pages 15-28

Anwaar Mohamed Tayel; Neama Mohamed Fouad; Ayat Omar Masoud; Amal Awad Mousa

Factors Associated with Aspiration Risk among Geriatric Patients with Dysphagia

Pages 29-50

Asmaa Mahmoud Ibrahim; Moshera Mostafa El-Geneidy; Rasha Ahmed Fouad; Abeer Abd El Galeel Abd El Moneam

Patients' Perception and Attitudes towards the Use of Music as Therapy in Psychiatric Hospitals

Pages 63-80

Heba Abd El-Hamid Hammad; Mervat Mostafa El-Gueneidy; Mayar Ezzeldeen Elnakeeb