Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1, July 2018, Pages 1-181 
Nurses’ Compliance with Infection Prevention and Control Practices at General Surgical Units

Pages 13-30

Elijah Kipkorir Koros; Sanaa Alaa Eldin; Haneya El-Banna; Lilian Adhiambo Omondi

Dietary Patterns and Nutritional Status of Patients with Early Stages Liver Cirrhosis

Pages 61-72

Azza Saad Mandoor; Haneya El.Banna; Mervat Abdel Fattah Mohamed; Fayza Tawfik

Barriers Affecting the Utilization of Dental Health Services among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Pages 103-118

Nadia Mohamed Saleh; Neamit Ibrahim Elashri; Heba Abd El-Aziz Mohamed; Abdel-Hady El-Gilany