Volume & Issue: Volume 25, Issue 4, December 2023 
Effect of implementing a training program on nurses’ competency in caring for geriatric patients with functional thyroid disorders

Pages 1-12

Sarah Ali Hafez; Esther Moraa Nyaboga; Nagwa Abd El Fattah Ibrahim; Josphen youssef Gaid; Samia EL Husseini EL Kholy

Effect of Nursing Interventions on Health Outcomes of Patients with Lower Limbs Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Pages 13-23

Rania Ibrahim Ahmed El Gazar; Aida Elsayed El Gamil; Abeer y Mohamed Al Shatb; Wael Elsayed Ahmed Shaalan; Gehan Mohamed Desoky

Effect of Breathing Exercises Game-Based Learning on Asthmatic Children' Respiratory Health and their Learning Motivation

Pages 38-49

Nourhan Essam Abd Elsamad Hendawi; Yomn Youssef Sabry; Azza Fathi Ibrahim; Ghada El Sayed Abd El Haleim

School-Age Children’s Satisfaction Regarding the Care Provided for them During their Period of Hospitalization

Pages 50-63

Amal Ramadan Farouk Ramadan; Wafaa Mahmoud Abd Elkader; Doaa Khater Yassin; Eman Arafa Badr

Effect of Rehabilitative protocol on Functional Abilities and Health outcome for Patients with Ankle Open Reduction and Internal Fixation Surgery

Pages 87-99

Sanaa Mohamed Alaa Eldin; Alice Edward. Reizian; Mohamed Hossam Ibrahim El-shafie; Wafaa Hassan Ali Awad; Manal Saeed Mohammed

Traditional Practices To Control Menopausal Symptoms Among Women In El Amreya Region, Alexandria

Pages 100-110

Hanady Safy Saad; Soheir Ibrahim Sobhy; Hanan Abdelrahman Kandeel; Heba Saied Ibrahim

Urosurgical Nurses’ Adherence to Infection Prevention and Control Practices

Pages 122-133

Abla Abd El kareem Abd Alla Mohammed Farag; Haneya Mohamed El Banna; Narges Mohammed Mohammed Syam

Assessing Mothers’ Awareness Regarding their Preschool Children Sexual Harassment Protection in Alexandria, Egypt

Pages 147-159

Hadeer Adel Ali M Swailam; Manal Abdel-Fattah Saleh Oueda; Eman Ahmed Aboelyazied; Eman Hussein Abdelbary